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منزل المنتجاتMagnesium Oxide Board Production Line

GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology

GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology

    • GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology
    • GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology
    • GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology
    • GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology
  • GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology

    تفاصيل المنتج:

    Place of Origin: China
    اسم العلامة التجارية: chuangxin
    إصدار الشهادات: CE
    Model Number: XD-1

    شروط الدفع والشحن:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    الأسعار: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly,and then reinforced with wooden case for outer packing
    Delivery Time: 30 working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 50 Sets per year
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    مفصلة وصف المنتج
    Product Name: mgo board machine-B Warranty: 1 years
    Automatic grade: semi Automatic raw material: Mgo,mgcl,fiber glass mesh
    Standard: CE 3C

    GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology


    GRC drywall board making machine production line With Larger Capacity 1500 sheets


    Magnesium Oxide Board Machine with fashionable design, reasonable structure, stable running manufactured board of even thickness in large production once through double- roller-extruding technology. This production line is equipped with shaking device which remove inside and outside air bubble, so our board is more compact. In addition, we use the no-woven cloth as the separating film to increase the toughness and strength of the board. The machine can be adjusted arbitrarily, and then produce the board with the thickness of 2-60mm, the biggest width of 1, 300mm and unlimited length. So you can adjust the thickness of board at will.The Magnesium Oxide Board (Glass Magnesium Board or MgO Board)is made

     of filling materials, such as sawdust and all kinds of crushed plant straw (you can

     select any one kind ) and several chemical raw materials which are token as 

    modified material after special technology. The board has such features: quickly

     hard, high strength, large format, fireproofing, dampproof and good waterproof 

    performance. It can be nailed, planed and sticked, so it can be used widely at indoor

     decoration, such as wall skirting and ceiling of market, hotel, club, station, office

     building and living room. And it can get large usage at topgrade furniture, door and

     partition. This product is made of waste materials, and it is ideal product which 

    can replace all kinds of wood broad with reasonable price and good quality.


    3.  Technical Index of Product

    Technical Index for finished board

    1. Oxygenic index%: 90

    2. Level combustion: SO

    3. Vertical combustion: SO

    4. Water content rate: 10.9%

    5. Capacity: 1.15g/cm3

    6. Static bending intensity: 169.46Mpa

    7. Density: T/ m31.13

    8. Water resistance: Without chalking for 24 

    hours and there is no change on surface

    9. No Three-wastes (waste water, waste gas and waste 

    residue), no pollution and environmental 



    4.  Machine Advantage

    a.Water resistance: Without chalking for 24 hours and there is no change on surface


    b.No “Three-wastes” (waste water, waste gas and waste residue), no pollution and environmental


    Production Technology: Machine rollering, moulding, laminating, preservation, halogenation, rinse, drying, affixing with poly board (if required by client), fixing length and width, chamfering (if required by client), packing 
    Features: Free from smell and poison, non-flammable, free from smog, high intensity, light quality, sound insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, fireproof, free from freeing and erosion, minuteness expanding & shrinking ratio, free from crack and distortion, convenient construction, low wastage and long life, etc. 
    Application: Adoptable to partition and suspended ceiling in decoration of buildings, the structure for heat preservation sound insulation wall, places with dampness, mobile partition, special class fire prevention, sandwiched plate in fireproof gate and packaging of equipment cases.

    Equipment name
    Dosage control system
    Automatic batch turning system
    Microcomputer control system
    Dust collection system
    Elevating conveying system
    Automatic measure system
    Shell fabric mixing system
    Middle material mixing system
    Pulp stock mixing system
    Accessories dressing by screen system
    Blending agent dessolving system
    Blending agen dessolving and automatic measurement system
    Forming system
    Vacuum compressed air control system
    Automatic mould system
    Forming conveying system
    Rolling forming system
    Automatic cutting board system
    Automatic collecting board twinlift system
    Computer touching control system
    Speedup rod road
    Loading vehicle changing tracksystem
    Curing system
    Constant temperature system in curing room
    Curing room automatic humidity controlled system
    Automatic stripping system
    Automatic stacking board system
    Arranging board system
    Rod road conveying system
    Horizontal and perpendcular high speed cutting machine
    Landscape orientation conveyor
    Sanding machine
    Dust collection system
    Microcomputer self-control system
    Power distributing system

    1. Production line has good design, reasonable structure, stable running and using dual-channel roll-style system. It is shaped in one time and has stable thickness. Also it has higher yield. with a vibration device, it eliminates the inside and outside bubbles. It can produce 2-60mm thickness MOG board. And the widest is 1300mm, for the length, there is no limits, and can adjust the thickness as required.
    2.  The equipment can have many uses. It can produce the simulation ash board, imitation red/white elm board, Oak panels, fireproof relief door board, ceiling board and wall murals etc.
    3.  Simulation Ash board, it has high quality cooperation with wood ash board appearance. Can do further work such as nail, sawing, planning, and sticky. Size: 1200*2440*3mm (can adjust). Daily can produce 200-1200 PCS according to different devices.
    4.  Fire Relief door board: Has ability of fire resistant, moisture resistant, sound insulation and thermal insulation. Also can do nail, sawing, plane, sticky work. The cost is half of wooden door board. The imitation of Europe and classical three-dimensional pattern is very elegant and antique.
    5.  Decorative Wall Murals: First get board from laminator machine, veneer on above and then finish to produce landscapes, insects and fish paintings. The biggest size is 1200*2500mm.
    6.  For MOG Board Production line, there are several departments: Produce departments, finished products department and raw materials department. Workers need: 3-6
    7.  Electricity: 1.1_10KW
    8.  Machines: High-speed mixer, 500type raw materials mixer, pulverizer, mould receiving machine, raw materials lifter, forming machine, foaming machine, oil-spreading machine, automatic cutter, double location receiving board system, automatic board-unloading unit, mould-cleaning machine, automatic four-edge cutting machine, dust-collection system, operation platform, PLC self-controlling system
    9.  There are many mould machines for customer to chose. Also can buy single machine.
    10.  Buying the production line includes the technology transferring costs.
    11.  Cultivate 2 technicians for customer side, and time is 7 days.


                            GRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding TechnologyGRC Gypsum Board Production Line with Double Roller Extruding Technology            

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